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“You’re in the middle of a piece. All around you are your fellow musicians, counting in their head, waiting for their moment to play their part for the overall orchestra. You suddenly realize you forgot your place. You glance, looking at another piece from your neighbor, and notice they bring their instrument up. You do, in a bit of haste, when you realize they have the second piece and their part is different than yours. You see the measure they play, only a dozen or so measures behind your part. You’re glad you looked, because if you hadn’t, you would’ve missed your part and marred the entire performance.”

If you’ve felt this way, you know what it’s like being a band geek. If you haven’t, well..

Welcome to SaveTheOrchestra.com.

Missed measures and little spots, in the grand scheme of things, really don’t make a huge difference in a middle school or high school setting, but if you’re hired on to do work with a legitimate symphony and this one measure denotes your paycheck, then you’d be a little wiser to be more attentive to the piece.

But missed measures and notes only cover a speckle on the overall whole experience of playing in an orchestra. The sway of the emotion behind a piece can bring a sense of pride to the player who creates that feeling. Reminiscence comes from playing popular movie pieces, or classical symphonies from the likes of Tchaikovsky and Mozart, among a plethora of extremely talented composers and artisans from all different localities and times.

Here at SaveTheOrchestra.com, we stride to bring to all aspiring musicians and experiences musicians information relevant to their art, their craft, their bread and butter or their hobby. From product reviews to information about instrument upkeep and maintenance, the “state of the orchestra”, and more, you’ll find everything you need to know about being a band geek. Of course, that only comes from experience 😊.

We even have great references on jazz, including different articles about jazz techniques, differences between instruments in different genres, and more!

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We look forward to providing the most relevant information for beginners to experts abroad.

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